I'm Danielle. I'm nineteen years old, living in the beautiful country of New Zealand, a daydreamer, part time bible college student and full time children's pastor. I'm not the most amazing writer, never have been and my grammar is absolutely shocking at the best of times. But a space for me to share my life and the lessons God is teaching me everyday is something that inspires me to give this blogging thing a go anyway. I'm simply here writing about things that matter, things that don't and sharing memories I wish I could live in forever.

I usually default to referring to almost everything as an adventure because lets be honest once you hit the crazy hours of the morning when you're out with your friends under the stars, everything is ten times more exciting than when you were under the summer sun. God has blessed me with one hell of a group of friends when I needed them the most and I am beyond thankful for each and every one of them. So I apologise in advance for our stories I share that leave us in hysterics but probably don't make any sense to any of you. However I'm sharing our 1am Maccas runs and late night DMC's at our local lookout in the hopes that some of them might bring even a little inspiration even if all it is, is that you feel the need to go out a buy a pack of Chicken Mcbites with sweet and sour sauce (which by the way is absolutely amazing).

I practically live at my church and after only three months of internship am now the children's pastor. This is almost like an online diary of sorts for me to look back on one day and be able to reminisce about the good times I've experienced over the years with some of my favourite people. I'm just here to share what I'm learning through this new year of me exploring more of my faith and the lessons God is teaching me being fresh out of high school. If you'd like to follow along on the madness you are more than welcome!

XO, Danielle


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