... but my friend's call me Dan.
I'm twenty years old and live in the beautiful country of New Zealand.
I graduated with a Certificate in Christian Ministries from Elim Leadership College in December of 2017.
I'm a full time children's pastor at the GREATEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD.
I practically live at my church.
I have one heck of a group of friends - who quite honestly are more like family than they are friends.
I usually default to referring to almost everything as an adventure because lets be honest once you hit the crazy hours of the morning when you're out with your friends under the stars, everything is much more exciting - even if all you are doing is eating burgers at your local lookout.
My favourite food is mango - give me mango anything at any time of the day and I'll be the happiest person you've ever met.
I'm terrified of birds. Any birds. Chickens, seagulls - they are all evil, seriously.
My all time favourite song is hands down Beautiful Soul by Jessie Mcartney. If you sang this to me while playing it on guitar, I'd most probably marry you right then and there.
I really enjoy writing but my grammar and spelling are always completely shocking at the best of times.
I'm simply here writing about things that matter, things that don't and sharing memories I wish could have lasted forever.
If you would like to follow along - I would absolutely love it!


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