Monday, 28 January 2019

Our last day of our new years trip was spent at Cathedral Cove.

To avoid paying for parking and to add a little more of adventure to the day we decided to park at Hahei Beach and walk to the beach instead. I think my friends were trying to kill me but I'm kinda thankful for it. It was a hard 40min walk but a good one.

We managed to avoid most of the craziness and get in a good swim once we got there. It was a couple of hours of dips in the water and laying out in the sun and it was awesome. We weren't into the craziness of the endless amounts of tourists so left once it started to get packed.

The walk back was even harder than the walk there but again... I kinda loved it anyway.

I only have one question to ask though... does the trip even count if you didn't take a jumping photo in front of the arch? If not then I definitely never went to Cathedral Cove.

...but even though I didn't... would still 10/10 recommend.

XO, Danielle


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