Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Over the holidays a few of my friends and I went over to Australia for Hillsong Conference as I mentioned in my last post and IT WAS INSANE. It was probably one of the best conferences I've been to. I would 10/10 recommend going at least once. We had an awesome time. We stayed like a 5min drive away from the arena while the conference was on and then spent the last four days that we were at Bondi Beach. It was great and we have some pretty awesome photos to show for how great the trip was.

But what 90% of the people who saw our instagram posts and some of the people that we flew over with, do not know is that our trip didn't exactly go as planned. There were a number of things that I did wrong but the biggest problem we had was caused by yours truely just hours after arriving in Australia.

The day finally comes for us to fly over. We are excited and all is right with the world. We all get to Australia in one piece, with all our luggage and zero dramas. We all manage to be able to get into our airbnbs early. So the nine of us split off into our two different groups and head off to our different homes for the next few days. The three of my friends that I'm staying with and I, show up at the apartment building and it looks suuuper fancy. Our apartment building is on the thirteenth floor and we have great views of like... the other apartment buildings next to ours. I mean, the views of the window washers were great.

We set all of our stuff out, decide who is taking what bed and then decide that we need to go get food and stuff so we can cook breakfast and dinner for the next five days. We find a mall on maps and decide that that's where we are going.

Now something you should know about me is that I'm really good at losing things. I'm generally alright with keeping track of where my stuff is but am also probably not the best one to be put in charge of taking care of something super important. BUT even so... somehow I ended up being the one to look after the keys when we went to the mall.

We were out for a really long time, having done a big grocery shop towards the end too. We pull up at the apartment building and we start unloading all of our shopping bags full of meat and milk and everything and it suddenly hits me that I don't actually have the keys with me anymore. 

The thing about the keys is that you need it to get into the building. People on other levels of the apartment building can't even access a level that they don't live on and you can't access the stairs from the lobby of the building. So we were legit locked out of everything and all of our stuff is up on the thirteenth floor locked in our airbnb.

Eventually we manage to get into the lobby by running through the doors after someone who lived there swiped themselves in. So Jeremy and I decide that the only thing that we can do is go back to the mall and retrace our steps around all of the stores that we went into and hope that we can get the keys back. So we leave while Jess and Zac stay with all of our bags in the lobby of the building. Jeremy and I are gone for much much longer than we anticipated, we find nothing and eventually just Uber back. Jeremy and I are non-stop running around in panic for three hours while Jess and Zac are left wondering where we are and what's happening with zero updates because almost all of our phones are dead at this point. 

Eventually we realise that getting a locksmith in is our only option. He comes and then we have to figure out how on earth we are even going to get up to the thirteenth floor. So we buzz different apartments on our level until we get a response and get someone to buzz us up to our level. We manage to get up and James (our locksmith) helps us essentially just break into our apartment building which cost us an extra $120 dollars of our money.

The funny but somewhat annoying part about the whole thing is that out host - the lady that owned the airbnb had no second set of keys. So we went the whole five days we stayed in her apartment with no keys. We had to go down 26 flights of stairs everyday and then out a door that set off an alarm when we opened it everyday. We also had to leave our apartment unlocked so that we could get back in when the conference was finished.

It was definitely not the way that I pictured my very first Hillsong experience but it for sure made it one that we'll remember forever.

XO, Danielle


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