Tuesday, 9 October 2018

One of the TOP highlights of my year so far was definitely a trip a few of my friends and I made to Hillsong Conference in Australia! It was epic to say the least. It was one of those trips where practically everything that could have gone wrong, did and yet God still managed to make it one of our favourite trips to date.

I haven't been so good at this blogging thing over the last few months as life has gotten quite busy. However, I wanted to take the time to appreciate what was one of the coolest few days of our year where God did some pretty epic stuff so here we have another instalment of things to be happy about...

076. Laughing till you cry
077. Waiting to board your plane at the airport
078. Salt and vinegar chips
079. Landing in a country you have never been before
080. Watching Taya Smith live
081. An arena filled with over 21,000 people worshipping the name of Jesus
082. Ocean views
083. Scenic walks along the beach
084. Adventures made from dumb mistakes
085. Driving through unfamiliar streets
086. Big key chains that help you avoid loosing your keys
087. Reuniting with family overseas
088. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore
089. Sand between your toes
090. Hot pizza for lunch
091. A good sermon that speaks to the heart
092. Red jumpers
093. Home-cooked meals
094. New friends
095. Toasted sandwiches made with "house-made bread"
096. Shopping in stores you've never been to before
097. Bondi beach
098. Hot Chocolates in the morning
099. Boiling water on the stove
100. Train rides at 12:00am

XO, Danielle


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