Thursday, 5 April 2018

Shoutout to Jason Jacobs for the photo!

There's this lookout not too far from church where my friends I have found ourselves spending more time than not in the last few weeks. It's one of those places that's got a bit of a reputation for being the spot people go to in order to satisfy worldly desires. A place the devil took from being one of the most stunning views open for people to sit and dwell in the stunning nature of the country the creator blessed us with, to a place people go to hide away from the reality of their worlds without getting caught.

We found ourselves sneaking into the reserve one night with the intention of playing a round of sardines. That night, we found that in this place that had been overtaken by worldly people, we couldn't escape the overwhelming presence of God that fell over the otherwise empty fields. He was walking alongside us through the trees and along the gravel paths to the perfect spot where he shared with us his original plan for the patch of land overlooking our city.

As we sat and looked over the seemly endless city lights that sparkled through the trees, we sat and worshiped. We saw God's heart in every tree, every patch of grass and every place the wind rustled the leaves. Through our prayers and our worship, we shifted the atmosphere of the reserve. I went from one people left to hideaway to a place where as soon as you set foot on the grass it's impossible not to be hit with the sense of his presence. We've been coming back here for our worship and prayer sessions together ever since.

I just think that it's so cool how a place that the devil intended for harm, God intended for good.

I encourage you to go out and find your own spot. Your own place to spend time with God. Your own place you can anoint with God's presence. Find your own place - not only will it deepen your relationship with the creator but it might also change someone else's world.

XO, Danielle


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