Thursday, 28 December 2017

by saying "we may or may not" I totally mean we did.

If I do say so myself, we did a pretty great job of it too.

On a spur of the moment decision (much like how all of our greatest moments have started) one Friday night after youth, we decided that buying 4000 yellow sticky notes at kmart was the best way to make the most of the early hours of the morning. The boys took a bit of convincing but once they were in on the idea, there was no way our youth pastors were going to leave unscathed. We waited out on the road outside their driveway for about 45 minutes before sneaking past their censored lights and getting to work. An hour and a half and 3000 sticky notes later (yes we did have about 1000 left over... we may have over estimated how many we would need) we had completely covered their entire car. We did think about the fact that they might need their car for an emergency in the middle of the night so we left their headlights untouched because we're pretty thoughtful like that.

AND the best part about it - was that we never got caught in the act.

Until they found out who had been involved and they told the entire church staff in our staff meeting a couple of weeks later. I had to eat wasabi in front of everyone. BUT it was well worth it.

There are a few things that make me happy about this memory of ours. So I thought i'd finish off this documentation of a time I was a bit rebellious by adding it to my list of things to be happy about (as well as a few other things in-between). So here goes:

051. A good prank
052. Friends you get to spend late nights with
053. Yellow sticky notes
054. The feeling of the sand between your toes
055. A warm cup of hot chocolate
056. The cinema
057. Censored lights
058. A trip to Kmart right before closing
059. Trips to the beach
060. Friendship
061. Video sermons
062. Youth on a Friday night
063. Spur of the moment decisions
064. Summer nights
065. Laughing at yourself
066. The cool underside of a pillow
067. Crazy kids
068. Tomatos
069. Climbing into your bed after a night out
070. A clean bedroom
071. Fun filled staff meetings
072. Laughing so hard that you cry
073. People who can take a joke
074. Friends who are up for absolutely anything
075. Having the COOLEST youth pastors EVER

XO, Danielle


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