Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Featuring photos from our much less stressful experience a couple of days ago.

BEFORE you start reading, can we just take a moment to appreciate how much that first photo looks like it's from stranger things.... right?!

It was one of my best friends - Holly's birthday and after an already eventful night four of us found ourselves at our local lookout. Blasting Kings of Leon out the car window and taking photos of the spectacular view, we sat peacefully unaware of whatever else lay beyond the four walls of the car.

A loud pop suddenly interrupted the stillness. A wave of panic swept through the car as we watched sparks fly past our open windows. Another two pops sounded one after the other. Shards of light shot past on either side of us. Closer this time. Three more pops followed by a sprinkle of light surrounded the outside of my window pane. I quickly wound it shut. I could feel my heart beating a million miles a second in pure panic.

"What the hell?!" Holly's red hair sprang from her shoulders. Her cheeks pink and eyes wide in fright as she turned from the drivers seat and nodded towards the Suzuki Swift that had come to a stop right up behind our car.

All of us turned to face the blinding glow from it's headlights. We were greeted by three arms all reaching out of different windows holding a firework in each hand pointed in our direction. Freshly lit we heard a series of pops and watched sparks cartwheel over us once more. We sat staring at our visitors as they continued to gift Holly with an unwelcome birthday present.

"I'm sure I recognise that car..." Dexter said as he stared deep in thought at the car behind us, "It's Brad's car!"

I tried to catch a glimpse of the number plate in the darkness outside. What could only be a car of boys sitting behind us flicked their lights on and off again and I managed to make out the first three letters confirming what Dexter had just figured out. We all nodded our heads in amusement pointing realising he was right.

I remember asking, "Who would think that it was a good idea to be shooting fireworks at our car at 12am?"

A couple of idiots that's who.

Dexter started to open his door to go and chat with them but quickly second guessed himself after one of the arms chucked a cascade in his direction. "New plan - call them."

Watching the sparks fizzle beside the car I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled their number. I tried to make out the faces through the windscreen of the Swift to watch them answer the call but I could only see their silhouettes. It rang four times before he hung up. I moved the phone from my ear just staring at it for a second, a smile slowly forming on my face.

"He just hung up... It's definitely them."

They decided to admit defeat realising we weren't going to hop out of the safety of our car. The boys quickly reversed and pulled up next to us facing the edge of the lookout. The three of them rolled down their windows ready to reveal their identity. They had all clearly been enjoying themselves as they looked at us with cheeky smirks spread across their faces.

Knowing it was only my friends and we weren't being attacked by strangers took away the anxious feeling that had quickly built up in my stomach. My friends were idiots but I could see the humour in it all which helped calm my nerves.

Fireworks do something weird to boys. I swear I've never seen them not get crazy when they get a hold of them. Be careful this Guy Fawkes ladies and gentlemen - I'm warning you in advance. If you don't you might just find yourself in a similar situation.

XO, Danielle


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