Tuesday, 10 October 2017

What lover of all-things-sweet doesn't dream about a good donut wall? This one definitely came through with the goods a couple of months ago - strawberry frosted is always a yes in my books.

I'm not going to lie, I just wanted an excuse to share these photographs because who doesn't love some good donut photography?

I did think, however, that seeing as I am obviously very happy about this donut wall from Replenish - I might as well add on 24 other things to be happy about and count this as my next instalment in the series. So here goes:

026. Donut walls...
027. Donuts in general
028. Church conferences
029. Pretty photographs
030. Thunderstroms
031. Electric blankets
032. Snapchat filters (the dancing ones get me EVERY time, hahah)
033. Hours of constant monopoly deal games
034. Strawberry frosted donuts
035. Jess and Gabriel youtube videos
036. A fresh pack of sticky notes
037. Office walls covered in pictures drawn by Powerzone kids
038. KINDER SURPRISES (the way to my heart)
039. Burger fuel tattoos
040. Being more excited about your friend's birthday than they are
041. Witnessing someone's first ever game of hostage
042. Chocolate glazed dounts
043. Group photos
044. Sunsets
045. Getting a letter in the mail
046. The first night in new pyjamas
047. Homemade donuts
048. Sweet smelling candles
049. Blogs
050. Skateboards

XO, Danielle


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