Friday, 28 July 2017

Let's mark this post as my Mt Vic Experience round two, okay? Okay.

This time around during our trip to Wellywood we visited Mount Victoria more than just the mandatory one time visit that you're expected to take when spending more than just one day in the windy city. I'm definitely not complaining about it either.

The seven of us that travelled down to Wellington City together managed to book an amazing Airbnb right on top of the stunning mountain itself. It was LITERALLY right on top too, we stayed in a house only a few meters from the famous lookout. It was incredible and we definitely made the most of it.

After watching the sunset over the city before going to bed, watching the sunrise in the morning from our bedroom window and running out to take photos before going off to buy dinner one night as we watched all of the city lights slowly flicker on, left me in absolute awe of how stunning our country really is. New Zealand is definitely one of those countries that is so underrated for it's magnificence and I kinda love that about it. It's that little bit of paradise that no one really takes note of - that secret spot that only few get to experience the magic in. It's quiet but beautiful and will forever be considered my home. I can not get enough of it.

Not only did we make the most of our accommodation's location, but we also made the most of having an adult free week. We went to bed at around 4 almost every morning and the photographs above are evidence of the night we only hopped in bed at 8am and got 60 minutes of sleep before a full day of adventure and another late night. (I say that this was making the most of having no rules but even when we're at home we're out till ridiculous hours of the morning together hahah)

The same night that we only went to bed at 8am was also the night we spent having photo scavenger hunts in the city, sipping frozen cokes at 3am and sitting in our van having a DMC. It was hands down one of my favourite nights of them all. There's something about deep late night chats in the back of your car with your closest friends that is so refreshing and therapeutic.

It was a good night. I wish our local lookout was as stunner as this one.

XO, Danielle

PS: Just like the last Wellywood post, all of these photographs were shot by one of my good friends Jeremy Jacob. To check out more of his work just click on his name and you'll be directed to his gram!


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