Thursday, 27 April 2017

Early morning wake ups, being blinded by your bedroom lights as you stumble out of bed, quickly putting together toaster waffles for a rushed - but delicious - breakfast, literally throwing clothes, a towl and a pair of jandals into your country road bag.

Sitting at the kitchen counter waiting for a txt from your friends to tell you that they're outside, 5 minutes go by - they must be running late, 10 minutes go by and you start to wonder if they even coming to pick you up? 15 minutes go by and you finally get the txt, "We're here."

For those spontaneous excitement filled mornings, I am thankful.

A pit stop at the local Macca's just up the road from church, buying time for those of your friends who overslept, bacon and egg mcmuffins, hot chocolates, playing the waiting game. Until in walks the friend you've been waiting for, socks on his feet with shoes in his hand, glasses on - there was no time to put on his contacts, he'd had 5 minutes to get out of bed and out the door, the "I set my alarm for 6pm instead of 6am" conversation.

I'm thankful for those 'I did whatever I could to make sure I made it' moments. 

Our line of three cars one after the other along the motorway, blasting throwback jams out the car windows as we dance and sing to the cars beside us, laughing at the amused faces of the passersby, watching the boys stick their heads and arms out the car with nothing but excitement bubbling through their veins, watching Sam stick his head out the window only for his hat to go flying off his head and into the wind, remembering it as if it happened in slow motion, the endless laughter that followed.

So thankful for those 'I'm crying with laugher' instances.

Seemingly endless windy roads, Hannah Montana lyrics bouncing from one passengers lips to another, struggling to keep up with our friends, pulling over to bring some fresh air into our lungs, attempting to get rid of the sick feeling sitting in our stomachs and eventually pulling out our iPhones for a quick round of photographs.

One of the cars holding our friends captive flying back in our direction, a quick park in front of where we were standing, being filled with amusement at the almost comical sight of the anxious facials spread across the boys faces, listening to their exasperated "When we saw that we'd lost you and you didn't catch up, we thought you'd crashed!" only to be met with our uncontainable laughter in response.

For those friends that genuinely care about you, I'm beyond thankful.

Skate parks and playgrounds, BMX tracks, watching the boys jump straight out their cars and grab their skateboards, ollies, kick flips (the only two skateboarding terms I know), spontaneous photoshoots while they spend the next hour on four wheels flying through the air, watching Dex fall on his face climbing out of the bowl, another round of laughter.

Thankful for being able to happily make a fool of ourselves in front of each other.

Butter chicken pies, real fruit ice-cream, hot chips, potato fritters which end up being disgustingly unsatisfying, chips and dip, trips to the surf beach, almost dying from climbing our way back up the hill to get to our car, spontaneous tattoos, singing along to Hakuna Matata while Holly squeezes my hand in anticipation, the pain being over before she knew it, worth it, reminiscing old memories as we make new ones. 

Finding a stray penny board and claiming it as our own, deciding to gap to a lookout for a sunset dinner, watching Scott skate off into the distance on our new prized possession to join the boys who had gone to buy dinner, his phone sitting charging in Holly's car, getting a call from the boys saying we'll get dinner after the sunset instead to ensure we don't miss it, miscommunication leaving Scott to fend for himself for an hour a half in town without his phone as we drive in the opposite direction without realising.

Thankful for those losers I get to call my friends.

A scenic drive through forests that look like they've stepped right out of a novel, Chance the Rapper and Kanye West blasting out the open windows and lyrics drifting from our lips to be lost among the trees, the end of a long gravel road rewarding us with one of those sunsets that photographs just can't do justice.

Feeling thankful more than anything for another adventure spent with these friends of mine.

XO, Danielle

PS: All of these photographs were shot by two of my amazing friends Jeremy Jacob and Dexter Cheng, to check out more of their work or hit them up for an inquiry you can check out their instagrams by clicking their names!


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