Thursday, 22 December 2016

I stole Jayde's ice cream to take this photo and make it look like I had the better looking one, sorry Jayde I had to do it for the gram ^^

I got to visit one of my favourite places with a few of my favourite people the other day and it was the absolute best. Matakana has always been place of fond memories of walking through the Saturday markets with my family and it seems to get even more stunning every time I visit. I'm telling you, if my friends came with me I would move there in a heartbeat. Everything about the little town is just something amazing.

On the fourteenth the girls and I plus Daniel (who became an honorary member for the day after Tamsen couldn't join us) visited the beautiful little town and had a picnic down by the river. We snacked on bread, chocolate, chips & dip and laughed at each other as we joked about pushing Daniel or Shanae into the water. It was such a great afternoon. We soon found a playground round the back of the toilets where Jayde stopped to take a photo of her picking the statue just outside the entrances nose. It was definitely a good old laugh and well worth the photo as you saw above.

After a few hours we went to Omaha beach fully ready to spend some time in the sand unaware of the fact that unlike Matakana there was a lot of wind picking up around the beach. We powered through spending a good twenty minutes running through the water up to our ankles, taking snapchats and watching the sand blow along the beach before we decided it would be best to take another trip back when it wasn't so windy. It was however despite the wind absolutely stunning, I can't wait to experience its beauty again when the weather is even better.

These summer adventures of ours are getting better and better and I can not wait for the next one!

XO, Danielle


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