Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I'm am constantly reminded of Gods favour and love for me every single day. I've been learning about how perfect His timing is and on friday in particular it really shone through, God really does come through when you really need it and he knows when exactly it's going to impact you the most. 

The last three weeks leading up the last day of school (which I had been dreading since I had started in February) I had been overwhelmed with the feeling of having to leave everyone behind when I graduated and worrying that these people I've been so honoured as to call my friends over these past seven years weren't going to carrying on staying in contact with me. On Friday I was completely freaking out about going up and presenting my speech to the school simply because it was the last time that I would ever address the school as a student and it was the very last moment for me to make an impact. I was shaking so much I couldn't even read what was on my phone and as I walked up to my place on stage and grabbed the microphone from Isaac my entire year cheered and yelled and chanted my name so loudly and I couldn't help but have a big smile plastered across my face. I had specific parts in my speech referenced at different people and everyone cheered and patted their backs. I also paused at one point to collect myself because I looked over at my year group, our class - my friends and I saw most of them crying and I just felt as if I was going to burst into a flood of tears and instead of leaving me there to collect myself for a moment in front of the entire school in silence my friends cheered and yelled "You've got this Dan!" "We love you!" Reassuring me and telling me that I had what it took to continue on in confidence. And I did. I finished my speech and my entire year group cheered louder than I've heard them cheer and chanted my name alongside the rest of the school clapping and I just felt like I had finally made my impact that I had been dreaming of since I started at Elim in intermediate. It was such a surreal thing. 

That was the moment, that moment at the end when I looked over at all of my friends that I had had the privilege of spending the last seven years alongside and I saw and heard God tell me through their cheering that I have more friends and people who genuinely love me and want me in their life than I give myself credit for. He showed me that I wasn't alone and never had been. He showed up and told me that it was no coincidence that he had placed these people in my life. These people always have and always will have my back and are going to be there to support me for the rest of my life. He gave that to me when I really needed it the most and I am forever thankful in every way shape and form. We have such a perfect God and there is no way I could have gotten this far without him. 

Saying goodbye is hard and was tremendously hard to do on Friday even though we knew we'd all see each other again at some point. It's the end of an era and I couldn't be more excited to see where God takes these friends of mine.


XO, Danielle


  1. This is so beautiful Danielle, you spoke in such an impacting way. What a testament to God and His faithfulness! I love it when I see a new blog post in my inbox :)

    1. Aw Lauren! You're such a gem, thank you so much! X



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