Monday, 14 November 2016

Being at school everyday and living by an hourly timetable gives you more than just lessons to learn, people to meet and activities to keep you busy - it gives you a sense of time. I can recount more days than I'd like to admit where I would be sitting in class staring at the clock counting down the minutes till I could escape a boring lesson. I knew what day it was according to what class I had lined up for first period and I had every moment of my week set out in front of me with no surprises looming in the corner. I lived my life by an hourly timetable and I knew what day of the week it was. 

Now that I've left school, even though i'm still sitting exams and technically only finish on the 22nd, I have lost all sense of time. The weekend used to be my only days where I would be out till endless hours of the morning spending time with my friends but with no school to take up every day of my week I've found myself surrounded by the people I love almost every single day. It has completely messed with my sense of time and I've started getting confused as to what day it is. It's only been a full week since I graduated and my everyday life has already been turned upside down BUT I'm not complaining. I'd take evenings at the beach, movie marathons, game nights and sitting looking at the lights over the city in the middle of the night over sitting in a stuffy old classroom any day. 

Life's already started a whole new chapter and i'm looking forward to finding out whats on the next page. 

XO, Danielle


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