Thursday, 13 October 2016

This is Tony, our beloved bus and constant source of transportation over the 8 days we spent in paradise.

After we had officially arrived in Fiji and had placed our baggage in our rooms at our first hotel, we were told that the company we were renting our bus from had sent a complementary one over to take us through to the city in Nadi to go and get lunch and have a browse through some of the shops. Ready for adventure and curious as to what our transportation would be like we were greeted with a big red and silver bus without air conditioning much like the ones locals use to get around themselves (We actually had a few of the locals board our bus thinking it was public transportation at one point). Thats when we were first introduced to Tony and let me tell you once we'd taken our first ride there was no going back. We stuck with him until we left for Beachcomber and it was a hoon and half the entirety of the 5 days we spent with him. Inside there was a row for each of us to have to ourselves or to share with a friend and still have room, windows wide enough to stick our heads and arms out to yell "BULA" out to the locals and throw a cheeky shaka in the air as well as having constant music blasting whenever we were on the road.

The only let down was comfiness when we decided we needed a bit of a nap however it didn't stop a few of us from dozing off. Not that we wanted to while the boys were ready and loaded with permanent markers and go-pros ready to give us each a monobrow if we did eventually fall asleep for a moment or two. It made for a lot of fun as we had no choice but to continue to watch the scenery or chat away with our friends - so maybe it wasn't much of a down fall at all?

Oh Fiji, I can't wait to experience you again someday and maybe meet another Tony along the way.

XO, Danielle


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