Saturday, 1 October 2016

When I was five, I planned on growing up to become a spy. After watching every single one of the Spy Kid movies and accumulating all of the latest and greatest spy gadgets sold at none other than Farmers for birthdays and Christmas' I felt I was well equipped and on my way to saving the world. Because after all why make an adult a spy when clearly it's supposed to be a kids job? There are four perfectly good movies which prove that point and to be honest I'm still sticking by it. I had the biggest imagination and dreamed the biggest dreams because I had no limitations - I was and could have been anything I wanted to be. And that I had decided was to be a spy. 

Somewhere along the line I lost bits of that imagination and ability to dream the biggest most ridiculous dreams and actually believe in them. Instead I replaced them with self doubt, a sense of reality and space to contemplate what everybody else would think if I ever actually went after some of those dreams. Growing up is a natural thing that everyone goes through. We all have our moments going through that awkward faze. We all have those outfits we regret - it's a natural part of just being. However, where in that state of growing up does it tell us that we are no longer allowed to dream? As we get older we allow ourselves to get sucked into everyone else's opinions and who they say that we should be that we let it consume us and we start to become clones of everyone around us. We forget that God designed us wonderfully and perfectly to be unique. To have our own dreams and live out our own lives according to his plan rather than copying someone else's. After all if you were supposed to be exactly like your best friend then God would have made you your best friend. He's given each and every one of us the ability to dream because those dreams and aspirations that we have are all goals that God has placed on our hearts because he knows that only we can achieve them and work at them better than anyone else could. Why sell those dreams short because someone else thinks they're ridiculous? They only think it's ridiculous because they can't see them the way you can. Now I'm not saying that I'm going to continue to chase my dreams of becoming a spy, because that was just something I dreamed of while playing pretend - those are only just movies. However, changing the world? Saving those who need Gods salvation? That I can work towards and those are the dreams I'll never ever give up on - no matter what anyone else tells me.

Like you all know if you read my last post I spent eight days in Fiji. This meant that I missed out on the first two days of my Church's national conference where I volunteer at the children's sessions every year. I mean I have no regrets because I mean... Fiji. However as I walked into the gym where the program was held on the morning of the last day after arriving back home I was hit with a sense of nostalgia. The children's program I had grown up in every holidays all through primary school, the place that made me the happiest after seeing my friends I'd waited all term to be reconnected with, the feeling of the atmosphere where arguably God was first made real in my eyes - all of it came rushing back and I could see that the same vibe and reasons why I fell in love with children's ministry was back again. I felt like I was a kid in a candy shop and like I could dream the way I once did when I sat watching the leaders on stage wishing that one day that would be me. And the crazy thing is now it is. I'm living out that dream and inspiring kids like my leaders had once done for me. It just goes to show that dreams, no matter how small are significant in not only your life but others. Dream big my friend, only good things can come of it. Who cares what anybody else thinks? 

Keep chasing those God dreams on your heart, they're there for a reason!

XO, Danielle


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