Sunday, 30 October 2016

Pastor Steve Green had just finished a sermon on not burning yourself out and keeping yourself stimulated in all areas of your life to make sure you can be a healthy living sacrifice for God, when we set out to kick off prank week with a bang. What better way to take on board what we'd learnt at church than to take some time to relish in our youth and do something completely stupid living without regret? 

As soon as night church was over, we gathered in the school grounds with hundreds of meters of gladwrap, toilet paper and orange traffic cones ready to make a mess. It started off somewhat civilised as we wrapped the school vans together and threaded the gladwrap from poll to poll while the boys climbed onto the roof strategically placing orange traffic cones where it seemed to be the least convenient. The further we got into the school the wilder our ideas became as we took down signs and started throwing toilet paper through the trees and over the gladwrap even though we were well aware that rain was supposedly on the way. That's when the boys decided it would be a good idea to move polls onto the roof BUT seeing as we were living without regret for a night I pushed the fear of getting in trouble aside and kept taking part even after the cops showed up to ask what was going on. 

Basically we glad-wrapped the entire school turning it into a maze. We replaced doors with tables and tp'd the trees leaving the school in one heck of mess as a gift from their senior class of 2016. We're leaving a legacy and part of that is to show  that it's okay to have some fun every now and then, so here you go school. Hope you enjoy the last few days we have together.

XO, Danielle


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