Saturday, 15 October 2016

Let me just say that the humidity, island heat and constant salty water I found myself swimming in contributed to the birds nest bun I had sitting at the bottom of my head everyday. Apologies but I mean, what else was I to do?

The day we spent on the Navua River was by far my favourite day from the entire trip. God really has blessed us with the most amazing creation. Every part of the land that lined the river was a beauty that I am so thankful I got to experience. This was the day that arguably us girls really bonded and became more than just classmates on a trip together and rather turned into a group of friends. We sat in our boat who we dutifully named Susan and planned to build our own village along the edge of the river where we could raise goats and happily run away from the weight of lifes problems.

I've never really been much of person who enjoyed boats, I always thought that if I spent more than twenty minutes in one I might just get a little sea sick but good old Susan proved me wrong. We had the best time. The ride was so peaceful giving us time to reflect as we watched the world slowly drift by the further we travelled. We got the opportunity to learn about how the land is being treated and the way in which the early settlers in Fiji used to travel down the Navua River in order to get to the main city for food and resources. We became well educated - as we should have, I mean we were on a school trip after all.

After our boat ride they put us all onto a couple of rafts that reflected the boats the settlers used to use for travelling as seen below:

The boys being boys took all of a minute on their raft before they abandoned ship and jumped into the nice cool water. They actually thought it was so enjoyable that they looked over at us and decided we needed to experience it for ourselves. I just saw Ben make a beeline for our raft and come over and proceed to pull Dexter plunging into the river. We locked eyes and I just knew I was next. Panicked, all of us girls jumped up messing with the evenly distributed weight on the raft nearly tipping the tourists that had unfortunately been stuck with us into the water too. As he swam over and started to attempt to grab my arms I retreated and stated that rather than being pulled in I would give in and jump in myself. I was then informed that if I failed to jump in myself I would most definitely be pulled in.

Thats how I ended up jumping in fully clothed in the Navua River.

XO, Danielle


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