Thursday, 1 September 2016

I know that I have added literally ZERO photographs from the pre-ball and party bus and that you're probably disappointed there isn't any photo evidence of me dancing the night away - however these are the only photographs from the ball photo booth that I have on me right now, so they're going to have to do while I wait to get my ZM photo prints back from the north shore.

This post is late and I apologise that I let myself get so caught up in the busyness of internals, but I'm finally here with 27 days left of school (not including weekends) ready to fill you in on my last ever school ball.

The 13th of August was and will now forever be a day filled with some amazing memories with a whole lot of my favourite people. This year, not by popular demand might I add, we attended a school ball themed on Titanic. I have to admit, I was sceptical about how the theme would go down but everything about the night worked elegantly and looked amazing so I ended being quite content with it. Our "Night aboard the Seas" was filled with delicious food, being given the excuse to dress up as if we were celebrities for the night, snapchats, , taking photos by the sunset and flowers, dancing, rushing to take photographs before our favourite song started playing, taking photos by the sunset and flowers, having a pre-party on The Edge party bus for a good hour before we finally arrived at the ball venue, my friends winning ball king and queen, skipping lines at the photo booth when I could because who has the time to waste the night standing in a line and laughing till our jaws hurt because we were having so my fun. In terms of enjoyment, this year was by far my favourite. Getting the excuse to dress up and to have the night of my life with my favourite human beings whom of which soon I will not get to see everyday, is a memory I will always cherish and am extremely thankful for. I'm really going to miss this.

Prefects, you put on quite the night and I am extremely thankful.

XO, Danielle


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