Friday, 2 September 2016

In case you have not yet been in your last year of high school or have already been and gone through the stress of things like having to pick you're final quote for the yearbook - let me just inform you, in case you've forgotten - picking your senior quote is a stress and half.

After not being able to figure out if I wanted something serious or something somewhat witty all week, I narrowed it down to two options. Both of which are semi-serious. I liked them both and last night at 11:30pm I still couldn't decide. After asking a number of my friends and family which one they liked better and getting an almost equal amount of votes for each option, I was still more confused than ever and was running out of time.

I was ready to just make my quote "I make good cupcakes." and be done with it.

So instead I sent in both and told Christian to pick one for me. He told me he liked the second one the best because it seemed "More powerful" in his words - not mine.

So here I present to you, my senior yearbook quote:

"Its the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee." - Nicholas Sparks

XO, Danielle


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