Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Somehow a couple of days a go the boys managed to rope me into this idea that it would be such a good time if I went along with them to snowplanet to go snowboarding. For someone who can't really do anything along the lines of skateboarding, going snowboarding was pretty much last on my list of things to try out. But they managed to somehow convince me to tag along and I ended up having the best time, despite not being able to really lift my arms today. I hurt all over but you've gotta do something that scares you every now then and last night was the night for trying something new.

I went snowboarding for the very first time last night and I am so keen to do it again. Four hours in the snow for the first time meant that a lot of it was spent on my butt. It was okay though because we'd decided to go on a weeknight so it was reasonably quiet and by midnight we had the place to ourselves meaning that there was no one to judge how much I sucked. I'd forgotten to tuck my $100 RPM jumper into my pants aswell so by the end of it the bottom half of it was frozen solid, however thankfully now it's all melted out. Just the tales of a rookie snowboarder I guess. 

Some of my friends - the ones who didn't spend the night falling over with me - were insane and did a whole heap of jumps and stuff that never in a million years would I be able to do but it was insane to watch. Scott was telling me afterwards that the reason he does all that stuff is because he isn't scared to hurt himself, which he also admitted isn't always a good thing. It was cool though because him and the other boys who actually knew what they were doing stopped every now and then to come and teach us girls how to actually do stuff and gave us tips as we tumbled our way down. Overall it was a great night / morning (I only got home at 2:30am, sorry mum!)

Keen for another night of fun, maybe next time I'll make it the whole way down without falling?

XO, Danielle


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