Saturday, 14 May 2016

Just hear me out on this one, okay? 

Every Sunday after the night service we have after church hangs. It's held at a different location every week and it usually (pretty much always) includes some kind of food. This week in particular the church decided that it was time to hit up Burger King and had organised discounts for all us church goers and everything. So Lizzy and I jumped into Nevada's car - she was driving her mums car this time however and off we went on our way to BK not really feeling the idea of a stunner meal. We waited in line and just as it was our turn to go and order we decided that we really couldn't do it, tonight was not the night for BK. So we jumped in the car once more and off we went to Burger Feul for top quality burgers and milkshakes. 

All was well and we were joined by Chermayne halfway through our meal. The lady working there came and cleared our table, chucking all the paper and rubbish onto Nevada's food tray and chucked it all out. We didn't think much of it and carried on joking around right up until closing when the employees asked us to leave so that they could go home. We said our goodbyes and Nevada went to go and open her car to drive on home, but she couldn't find her keys. We searched her bag like five times, we were shining our phone lights into the car to see if she'd locked herself out - nothing. We soon realised that after discovering that her mum has a keyless car and the car would open if the keys were anywhere near it, that inside the car was not where our key search location should be. We retraced our steps through the almost empty parking lot. Still nothing. We got the Burger Fuel employees to re-open to store so we could search around. Nothing. They even took apart their booth seating to help us look with no results apart from a couple of straws. 

"That's it. I'm done. We aren't getting them back." Nevada was really upset with herself and already on the phone with her parents telling them that she lost their keys. 

We decided that the only other option would be that her keys must have gotten thrown away with our rubbish. The only problem with this was that they had already emtied all of the bins and put the black bags outside by the shared dumpster with the store next door. We went to go and take a look and there were so many bags it was impossible to tell which came from where. Chermayne had picked a bag and was ready to open them and go looking against Nevada's protests in the background telling us that it wasn't worth it. Just as Chermayne started opening the bag, Lizzy piped up and was like "Wait. If the keys only have to be within a certain distance of the car for it to open why don't we just carry the bags over to the car and if it opens we know it's inside?" Genius. So that's what we did, we lugged a rubbish bag across the carpark. I kid you not, as Lizzy picked up the bag by the drivers door the lights inside the car turned on and the car beeped open. I have never laughed to hard in my life. We then opened the rubbish bag to find the keys almost on the top. It ended up being more of a laugh than a stress and its in those moments when you know you've surrounded yourself by the right people.

Like I was saying my friends and I should have our own TV show. You know it, I know it. This should be a thing.

XO, Danielle


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