Tuesday, 8 October 2019

My family and friends are the only ones who read this little blog of mine and yet, I still feel bad for not keeping it updated.

The internet can be funny like that. You know that there are a million and one other people on this big wide web wanting to share their opinions and daily adventures with the world. You know that no one really reads this stuff anyway BUT you still feel the need to keep your imaginary audience up to date.

It's a little bizarre but here I am none the less.

The last time I updated this blog was in January after my new years trip that I took with a couple of my friends. I've gotten up to quite a lot since then and visited a few pretty places in little old New Zealand.

The first I thought I would share is from a trip that I took to Blenheim in April with the Pukekohe Elim kids team.

We flew down to go and help out at the holiday programme that they run at the Elim Church there. It was one of the best weeks I've had all year. We got to take a week out and invest in over 300 unchurched kids. I was inspired, I laughed till I cried most days and I made so many genuine connections with the kids.

God really reiterated my calling to kids ministry that week too. I left with a new found appreciation for my job, my church, the kids in my program and my incredible team.

It was sad goodbye but I left feeling full.

The holiday programme finished up at 1pm everyday. This meant that after setting up for the following day we had all afternoon to adventure and check out all the touristy spots we liked. It was the best.

On our last day we headed out to Nelson as that was where we were catching our flight that evening. This meant we had the whole day to check out whatever we wanted.

One thing led to another and we ended up deciding to go to the center of New Zealand, which we now know is in Nelson.

What we didn't know was that it's actually like a PROPER hike. Long story short, yes, I hiked to the center of New Zealand wearing those shoes.

...and as you can see, Lisa and I were stoked about it.

XO, Danielle



Monday, 28 January 2019

Our last day of our new years trip was spent at Cathedral Cove.

To avoid paying for parking and to add a little more of adventure to the day we decided to park at Hahei Beach and walk to the beach instead. I think my friends were trying to kill me but I'm kinda thankful for it. It was a hard 40min walk but a good one.

We managed to avoid most of the craziness and get in a good swim once we got there. It was a couple of hours of dips in the water and laying out in the sun and it was awesome. We weren't into the craziness of the endless amounts of tourists so left once it started to get packed.

The walk back was even harder than the walk there but again... I kinda loved it anyway.

I only have one question to ask though... does the trip even count if you didn't take a jumping photo in front of the arch? If not then I definitely never went to Cathedral Cove.

...but even though I didn't... would still 10/10 recommend.

XO, Danielle



Saturday, 19 January 2019

Emily and I spent our first day of the year with Zac and his siblings at a beach called New Chums, located about an hour away from Cooks Beach where we were staying.

I love a good spot thats beautiful but that you have to work a bit to get to experience. This is one of those places. Let me tell you though, the beauty of New Chums peaking through the trees at the end of the track and the anticipation of the sound of the waves crashing against the shore made it well worth it.

It was my first time adventuring a spot like this and I fell in love with how incredibly beautiful it was. I can quite honestly say it's trumped Bethells Beach as my new favourite.

We spent the day swimming and jumping through the waves with a few breaks for tanning in between. It was awesome.

On the ride over Zac had been telling us about how there was a lookout that you could climb to which overlooks the whole beach. It was apparently steep and a little hard to climb but decided to do it anyway in the name of a good adventure.

I nearly died.

I was also too scared to climb to the very top.

...but I still did it and I'm glad I did because the view was incredible.

It was the perfect way to start off the year.

Here's to many more adventures as great, relaxing and fun-filled as this one was.

XO, Danielle

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