Thursday, 18 October 2018

This post was titled by Jeremy George Jacob.

I love a good spontaneous adventure, especially when everything you plan on the car ride over ends up being closed.

That is exactly what happened to my friends and I last week.

After sitting on the couch scrolling through instagram with the occasional meme passed around for everyone to laugh at for a couple of hours. We decided that with great weather and time on our hands we needed to do a roadie.

Yes, a roadie. At 1pm in the afternoon.

You can call us crazy (because we are, let's face it) but it made for an epic evening.

We drove an hour and a half or so out of Auckland all the way to Awhitu. With an evening of sunset watching from the top of the Manukau Heads lighthouse and photos taken on top of abandoned airplanes planned, it was going to be a great afternoon.

Until we couldn't find the abandoned plane.

And then we realised that it had been moved onto private property so we couldn't use it.

And then the lighthouse was closed.

By this time - it was almost sunset and we hadn't set up our picnic or had much of an adventure at all.

In the end we climbed into someones empty paddock, set up our picnic spot, grabbed a whole lotta jumpers from the back of the boys cars (because the wind had gotten crazy) and we sat in the grass looking out at the sea watching the sun slowly drift away into the night. Sometimes in life you just gotta improvise. Most of the time, the improvised adventures end up being better that what was planned.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, no lighthouse and all.

XO, Danielle



Tuesday, 16 October 2018

We first met Abigail at night church about a year or so ago. She was over from America nannying for a family that she knew who lived just around the corner from our church. We clicked instantly as she fell right into a void that was missing in our group of friends. We got up to a lot of craziness together and her long awaited return was celebrated by everyone who got to know her the first time around.

When Abigail came back to NZ for the second time it was as a present from her parents for her birthday. We had the best time having our long awaited reunion. We had the coolest time road-tripping and catching up on what everyone had been up over the last year and a bit since we had all been together. It was the absolute best.

Here is the photo dump from our adventures...

If you ever make a trip to New Zealand or are in the North Island looking for a good roadie, I highly recommend Matakana Coast, Omaha Beach or one of my new favourites Tawharanui.

Here's adventuring with great friends and making epic memories!

XO, Danielle



Friday, 12 October 2018

You can never go wrong with a good trip to the beach, am I right?

Summer is very quickly approaching in little, old New Zealand and we couldn't be happier. Before the sun even started to peak through the gloomy clouds we were up and ready for an adventure. This trip to Bethells Beach was the start of many roadtrips to come over these next few months.

I had never been to Bethells before this and I was completely left in awe. New Zealand has some pretty epic places to visit and adventure - you are never left without an abundance of roadie opportunities. But Bethells is BY FAR now one of my all time favourites.

There are caves to wonder through, hills covered in bushes to climb up, lookouts to picnic at and plenty of ocean to surf and swim. It is such a place of paradise that I could happily spend all of my days exploring.

Did I mention that this is Taylor Swift's favourite beach too...?

Whoever doesn't think that New Zealand is the absolute best country in the world is very clearly mistaken.

XO, Danielle

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